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  • How do I order a wedding cake?:
    Please fill out our Contact Form and we will get in touch to confirm your date is available on our calendar. We will be in touch via email to schedule a time to chat and gather more details about what exactly you’re looking for in a cake (design, cake size etc.) and provide a custom quote from there.
  • How much will my wedding cake cost?:
    Your wedding cake will be beautiful and delicious, but most of all, it will be unique to you. Due to the custom nature of our design process, we do not have a set price list. Pricing is determined by the size of the cake and complexity of the design. We provide a detailed quote once we’ve discussed your wedding cake design together during our consultation.
  • When should I order my wedding cake?:
    We recommend securing your date on our calendar as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We are a small team, with a limited amount of bookings each month. We always try to accommodate last minute orders, but once our calendar is fully booked we stop taking orders. If you’re wondering whether your date is still open, please fill out a Contact Form and we’ll let you know!
  • Do you offer tastings?:
    We do! We offer 2 different Cake Tasting Packages our Cupcake Sampler Boxes and our Concierge Cake Tastings. To schedule a Cake Tasting, fill out our Cake Tasting Form.
  • Do you make vegan, dairy-free, or gluten-free cakes?:
    Yes, we do make Gluten, Vegan, and Dairy Free cakes and desserts. We take extra care when baking Gluten, Vegan, and Dairy free items, but we are a facility where Gluten, non-Vegan, and Dairy may be present, so we cannot guarantee there will be absolutely no cross-contamination. We have a select few Vegan & Dairy Free dessert and Cake options available upon request.
  • Do you deliver?:
    Yes! We delivery all wedding cakes of all sizes. Delivery fees are based on mileage to and from our bakery to your venue, so please include the venue address in your inquiry form and we will provide an accurate quote with your proposal.
  • Can we opt to pick up our Cake/Desserts instead of delivery?:
    Some orders are available for pick up from our bakery in Montgomery, TX. We only allow cakes that are 2 tiers or smaller to be picked up and ask that you make sure that your designated pickup person has a passenger ride along with them to hold the Cake. The vehicle used for pick up should be kept very cool during transport, and desserts should have a place to sit that is completely flat such as a floorboard or back of an SUV (no slanted seats, etc.). Sarah Epps Cakery is not responsible for any damages incurred once the desserts leave our bakery.
  • Is there a delivery charge?
    Yes. Delivery is free within 20 miles of my business in Montgomery, TX. For distances greater than 20 miles from me, there will be a delivery charge of $2.00 per mile from my business address to the designated delivery address, based on the distance as calculated by Google Maps.
  • Do I need to book an appointment for a Wedding Cake Tasting?
    Yes, you should definitely book an appointment. Booking an appointment is easy. All you have to do is fill out the Cake Tasting Form on the Cake Tasting Page. Please note, our Wedding Cake Tastings have limited availability.
  • Do you charge for Wedding Cake Tastings?
    Yes. Visit the Cake Tasting Page for more information.
  • How many people may I include in the Tasting?
    Four or less (total) is usually a good number. More than four people might draw out the decision making process.
  • Are we under any obligation to book the cake during our Tasting?
    No. You are under no obligation to book with us during your initial Tasting. However, there is a benefit to booking with us ASAP. If you sign the contract and pay your deposit on the day of the Tasting, or the next day, you get 10% off the total price of the cake/s. if It takes longer, I will hold your date for one total week and will not book anyone else on your date during that week. If you sign the contract and pay your deposit during the week after the tasting, you will get a 5% discount. After the deadline, there is no further discount available. Your date will again be available for anyone else to book.
  • How much cake should I order?
    The question you need to answer first is, are you serving your wedding cake as dessert, or are you wrapping the cake for guests to take home? If you are serving cake as dessert, you will need a piece of cake for every guest, whether they eat cake or not. This is due to the fact that most banquet halls do not ask your guests if they want cake. They simply cut up the cake and put a piece at every place setting, so you will serve as many servings as guests. If you are wrapping the cake, you do not need to have a piece for every person. It is up to you to decide how much cake to order. We suggest you order cake for one-half to two-thirds of your guests. You won’t have a final count of wedding guests until about one month prior to your wedding date. However, there is a formula for estimating what your actual count is likely to be: take 20% off of the total amount of people you are inviting. For example, if you are inviting 200 people: 200 x .20 = 40 (declines), making 160 servings the amount most likely needed. We suggest that you only order what you think you will need.
  • Is the top tier of the cake included in my servings?
    Yes, you may serve all of your cake. We can make you a 5 inch tier on your one-year anniversary. It will be the same cake flavor/filling as your wedding cake and it will be fresh! Please call us at least two weeks prior to your anniversary to order your cake.
  • Do you make "fake" cakes?
    There is a lot of information out there on wedding planning websites and in bridal magazines on how to save money on your wedding. We understand. Weddings are expensive. Unfortunately, there is a misconception that Styrofoam Cakes are less expensive to produce than Real Cakes. From our perspective, what makes a wedding cake cost what it does is the amount of labor (i.e. time) involved in decorating a wedding cake. What you are decorating (cake or Styrofoam) does not matter as much as the amount of detail on the cake. If you are looking to save money on a wedding cake, it’s best to choose a more simple design or a smaller cake. If your cake budget is a key issue, please know that we always try to work with you to find something that is both beautiful and reasonably priced.
  • Are there different prices for any of the cake flavors or fillings?
    Some cake flavors may incur an additional charge. Premium fillings, like fresh strawberries etc. will add an extra charge. You can visit my Menu and Pricing Page for more information.
  • May I get cheesecake as a wedding cake?
    The short answer is No. The long answer is, unlike regular cake and buttercream, cheesecake cannot stay at room temperature for very long and still be safe to eat.
  • What is fondant?
    Fondant is a special type of icing that provides a smooth, matte finish to a wedding cake. It’s a pliable sugar dough that I make from scratch that is rolled out in a large, thin sheet and then smoothed over a pre-iced cake. Before we put on the fondant icing, the cake is iced in buttercream. So, you will get the taste of our buttercream, even if you order a cake with fondant icing and all of it's lovely detail! Because of the labor involved, fondant prices add $1.50 per serving to the base cost of the cake.
  • May I bring in a picture of a cake I have seen elsewhere?
    Absolutely. We will incorporate elements from an online or magazine picture that you bring in to us, and use it as inspiration to create a custom-designed cake especially for you.
  • Do you provide fresh flowers for the cake?
    No. If you wish to have fresh flowers arranged on your cake, it is your responsibility to supply the flowers, whether they are self-sourced or ordered through your event florist. In choosing to have fresh flowers arranged on your cake, you acknowledge that fresh flowers are not food products, and may be poisonous, toxic or contain pesticide/herbicide residues, dirt, insects, and/or other contaminants. If we have been informed prior to the event date that fresh flowers will be supplied for your cake, we will make them as food safe as possible and arrange these flowers on your cake for you upon our arrival on site. However, all responsibility for the safety, freshness, color, overall condition, and cleanliness of the flowers rests with you (and/or your event florist). If the fresh flowers for your cake have not been set aside on or near the cake table (for ease of locating them upon our arrival at your venue), then we reserve the right to set up your cake without fresh flowers. The nature of our cake delivery schedule typically prevents us from staying behind at your venue to wait for the flowers/florist to arrive. If you choose to have your florist arrange the fresh/fake flowers on the cake, that is fine, but you are acknowledging that the fresh/fake flowers are not food products, and may be poisonous, toxic, or contain pesticide/herbicide residues, dirt, insects, and/or other contaminants. You are acknowledging SEC is not LIBEL for any damage to the cake or potential illness from the flowers. you can visit my blog post about Fresh Flowers On Cake.
  • How do I make my payment(s)?
    Your cake order and event date become reserved only when this cake contract is signed and 50% of the Total Amount is received as a Deposit, which is NON-REFUNDABLE even in the event of a cancellation. We will tentatively hold your event date for 5 calendar days from signing this contract until the clearing of your payment. If payment has not been receive by this time, the date will again be open for others to book. Final Payment The final 50% balance payment is due no later than 2 weeks before the event date. The cake will not be made if final payment has not been received. It is the client’s responsibility to provide the final payment by this deadline. We do not send a reminder. We are happy to accept 100% payment of the final contract price at signing – however, all money must be received 2 weeks prior to the event or your cakes will not be made. If less then 100% has been received by the 2 week lock-out date, nothing is refundable. if you have any problems call us and special arrangements may be possible. Payment Options Payments can be made by cash, check, electronic payments via Venmo or PayPal, and direct bank transfer (via Zelle). Do not mail cash. Payments via PayPal are subject to a card processing fee of 2.99% + $0.30, which PayPal will retain once the transaction is complete. For PayPal, please request an invoice. Note: Checks must clear before payment is considered paid-in-full and we will impose a $25.00 return-check-fee on any bounced checks.
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