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About Me

Hello, my name is Sarah Epps, and I am the owner-operator artist-baker of Sarah Epps Cakery, a small woman-owned business. I love baking. I mean, I REALLY love baking. I find it to be an incredibly satisfying art-form that tastes delicious! Ever since I was little, I've loved being in the kitchen with my Mom. Some of my best memories are waiting for cookies or cakes to finish baking in the oven and how that gloriously warm and homey smell filled the whole house.


I enjoy stretching my skills, improving them with every cake I bake and decorate. I've learned much about why having premium ingredients and techniques make a world of difference in the finished product. Whether it's boiling down 10 lbs. of fresh strawberries to flavor my Strawberry Cake, making meringue mushrooms for a Yule Log, or creating delicate handmade sugar flowers or intricately sculpted pieces, I love going the extra mile to give my clients the Very Best I possibly can. It thrills me to see how excited my clients are when they realize that their cakes are not only works of edible art, but are also incredibly delicious.


In addition to creating my own works of edible art, I also enjoy teaching and encouraging others. I am a publishing author of both a cookbook (Sweet Treats Recipes & More Cook Book) and a wedding cake guidebook (The Ultimate Wedding Cake Guide Book), both can be found on Amazon.

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