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Be patient with wedding vendors

Hey, everyone! I just wanted to issue a kind and gentle reminder. Why emails with your wedding vendors may take a bit longer to reply to the normal. I know that you are super ready to get going and start planning your big day! But, as the graphic says, as your work week slows down and you have time to focus on wedding planning, our week ramps up and we focus in on what is directly in front of us.

For me, I talk with clients on Mondays and Tuesdays, shop on Wednesdays, bake on Thursdays, decorate on Fridays, and deliver on Saturdays and Sundays. Whatever additional decorating needs doing, I fit that in around deliveries. I'm not in front of a computer, except for the first part of the week, when I'm talking with new clients. I'm in front of Buttercream, Cake, and Fondant LOL.

If your request isn't directly related to whatever is happening THIS weekend, I don't reply immediately. When you work from home, there really isn't a lot of "time off" because the emails are constant, the calls keep coming, and there's always work to be done. Most of us design with our hands, making this definitely not your usual office job. Please give your wedding vendors some grace. Understand that as soon as we are done with the previous wedding, we will have more time to talk with you and devote our time to making your special day our top priority, just as we will have done before you! We will delight in giving you the same level of dedicated focus and professionalism, and ask other bridal couples to wait their turn, as well So, please bear with us.

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